30 July 2013

How to Write for Others: JBS Haldane's Advice Applied to Law

J.B.S. Haldane contributed so many words to science popularisation one must wonder how he found time to do the actual science.1 His work is relevant to ‘those interested in (…) science education and science writing’.2 I am inclined to agree, and would extend his relevance to include education and academic writing more generally. This post examines Haldane’s tips for popular writing and applies them to learning law.

26 July 2013

Gone Public

Dear Reader,

My website is now online.

There is little substantive material in posts so far; they mainly concern writing on legal and contractual-esque obligations. However, I am working to update my individual pages to ensure some useful static content is available. I hope to add some links to the Link's page today.

23 July 2013

Future, Themes, and Content: My Aims for this Blog

This post outlines my aims for this website. I explain some preliminary views on pedagogy/andragogy. This exposes themes that I will return to in future posts. Those themes are written in the site-header's subtitle: it is prudent to clarify in fuller prose than my 'Dear Reader' text on the right how I have and will link so many disciplines together with rigour and sanity. It is hoped you will be convinced my aims are attainable.

20 July 2013

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to me. This is my privacy policy.

A Promise to Readers: Disclose Dancing

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Disclaimer: A Short Post for a Tall Fence

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