20 July 2013

Disclaimer: A Short Post for a Tall Fence

This is a short disclaimer to ensure your reputation as well as mine.

1. Identifiers (in this document/post). (i) ‘This site’ or ‘my site’ or ‘blog’ or ‘my blog’ refer individually and collectively to http://www.brettcrumley.co.uk (or http://www.brettcrumley.blogspot.co.uk). (ii) ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘my’ or ‘mine’ or ‘myself’ refers to Brett Crumley. (iii) ‘Your’ or ‘you’ or ‘viewer’ or ‘reader’ or ‘visitor’ refers to any visitor to this site whatever. (iv) ‘One’ (as a pronoun) or ‘person(s)’ refers to everbody in general, legal or otherwise. (v) ‘Us’ refers to everyone referred to by ‘me’ and ‘you’ in 1.ii and 1.iii and 1.iv. (vi) ‘Writing’ or ‘text’ or ‘post(s)’ or ‘blog’ refers to expression or speech (as defined by law) found on this site in whatever format I publish that expression or speech in; indicative formats are .txt .html .pdf .jpg .gif. (vii) ‘Publish’ means any media that I render viewable to anyone other than myself and any individually identified persons concerned (ie a similar definition to publish in tortious defamation, for anyone interested).

2. General Law Disclaimer and Liability. (i) Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice. Consult a lawyer if you need legal advice.. (ii) My work on this site is not intended to replace legal advice. (iii.a) I accept no liability for any losses, financial or otherwise, caused by following advice or accepting conclusions drawn on this site. (iii.b)  By continuing to read, you agree to this disclaimer and not to pursue action for any losses so caused.

3. Offensive Material. (i) Law presents contentious issues and reflects sensitive and political views. (ii) I do not intend my work to be offensive. (iii) If readers find my work offensive, please contact me at brettcrumley(at)gmail(dot)com. (iv) I am sure we can discuss the issue in a polite manner and agree to some compromise—perhaps a linked post to express an opposite viewpoint to mine to create a discussion rather than a dictation. (v) To the best of my knowledge, I am in full compliance with all legal requirements concerning expression rights qualified or unqualified, eg ECHR Article 10.

4. Location. (i) I live in the UK. Unless otherwise stated, the law I discuss concerns the UK common law system. (ii) Nevertheless, my criticisms may often apply to other (at present or otherwise) commonwealth or common law jurisdictions (eg Anglo-American, Canadian, Australian, Jamaican). (iii) Due to the UK legal system’s structure, my criticisms may indicate, apply to, and involve other European Union Member States, Council of Europe Member States, United Nations Member States, and others. (iv) I know this appears to include every conceivable jurisdiction, but I want to be clear with a series of expanding concentric hierarchical circles of UK-influence: to apply my writing may first require an analysis of monism and dualism within your considered jurisdiction (see section 6 in this document/post).

5. Copyright. (i.a) All text on this site is my work; I permit its copying for any reasonable, non-profit use so long as plagiarism rules are conformed with, accurate references are used, and I am acknowledged (including but not exclusively) if copied digitally, including on the internet (preferably with a link to my referred to post). (i.b) To this end, I will create update versions on all posts; you are free to save a print screen or pdf of any of my text you reference just in case my archives are damaged or deleted. (ii) I permit printing of any of my text in full or in part. (iii) I attempt to credit every source I use in my text but mistakes may exist; please contact me at brettcrumley(at)gmail(dot)com if any copyright breaches or plagiarism occurs. I will not hesitate to give credit where it is due or remedy legal violations. (iv) Any material I copy is legal according to the fair dealing or fair use provisions in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Chapter III.

6. Student Assessments. (i) I am not liable or responsible for assessment results. (ii) I aim to help students and interested readers become better writers and thinkers. But my work is merely one opinion and one style among many. Presume I do not know your assessment requirements: please read your student handbook, course materials, and any other relevant documents before you apply my advice to your writing; assessment criteria and aims vary between universities, courses, years, modules, and even type (exams or coursework, essays or problems) and it is important that you, as students, are aware of exact requirements.

7. Exceptions: Comments and Guest Posts on this Blog. (i) These are not my opinions. (ii) Comments and Guest Posts are not copyrighted by or to me but by or to the commenter or guest poster. (iii) I do not accept liability for any media published by others on pages linked on my site in comments or posts or pages in any form or chronology including on or by any social media platform in any form those platforms might take now or with future technological advances.

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