26 July 2013

Gone Public

Dear Reader,

My website is now online.

There is little substantive material in posts so far; they mainly concern writing on legal and contractual-esque obligations. However, I am working to update my individual pages to ensure some useful static content is available. I hope to add some links to the Link's page today.

A blog seemed like an easy enough platform for my writing. It is—once set up. And it is not—when setting up. I have had to refresh my memory of what I learnt when I first taught myself HTML about eleven years ago; and have had to learn a plethora of new technologies developed in the eight or so years since I stopped needing HTML.

I am still learning. But enough feels lodged back into my head to produce and update the simplest blog I could arrange. While blogging is perhaps simpler than other web-presences, I prefer a technical and hands-on approach to most web-technology. I was and am unhappy with using content management services on their own. So I have made the whole process a little more complicated for me than it needed to be.

I have concentrated my effort in the past week or three to this re-learning curve, rather than producing content for this blog. That re-learning curve is now secondary to a desire to write useful content.

I plan to post my aims for this blog, which will be a backdated post for a suitable chronology. I plan to post a series of steps, or a fluid framework I use when writing law essays. It should not take long to transcribe my relevant notes to publishable posts.

Thank you for reading,

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