20 July 2013

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to me. This is my privacy policy.

1. I will never share your email address or any other personal information with anybody for any reason without your express consent or request.

2. Any user-submitted information given to me in any format will be kept as secure as I can keep it.

3. Any other media of a personal nature will not be shared without your express consent or a request.

4. Exceptions. Nothing in this document excludes me from legal obligations, for instance compliance with any HMRC investigations.

5. I must inform you that this site uses Google Analytics. Section 7 of that service's provisions is relevant. If this is inadequate, please see Google's explanations. (i) This blog uses Google Analytics to provide me with statistics about how my website is used and searched for. (ii) Google Analytics uses cookies to generate this information, which I use to improve the site and create suitable content. (iii) Cookies are used by almost all websites to, for example, remember items in your shopping cart or your preference for a colour theme or time zone. Cookies may also remember visitor IP addresses and other non-personal information (iv) The cookies used by Google Analytics are anonymous and not linked to any personal information. (v) You may opt-out of Google Analytics’ cookies at Google's opt-out page. (vi) I will never bypass any opt-outs made under the procedure in 6.v or any other privacy measures, for instance in your browser settings. (vii) I will not use Google Analytics to collect personal information.

6. Amazon.co.uk may use cookies on this site as well. Amazon.co.uk ‘may serve content and advertisements, collect information directly from visitors, and place or recognise cookies on visitors’ browsers’*. This information is used to improve my site and will not be mistreated. These cookies may be disabled in your web-browser’s settings.

7. Disabling cookies through your browser may result in changes to advertisements on other websites. I am not responsible for these changes, and cannot be responsible for any privacy implications or breaches arising from disabling cookies in your browser.

8. Comments you write on this site are public.

9. I do not request, want, or require any passwords or security-question answers for this site or any other site. Any such or related information sent to me will be deleted as soon as it is identified as such. If you are asked for a password or security-question-and-answer other than a Captcha answer, it is not asked for by me.

10. You should not have to download any software to use this site. If you are asked to download software to use this site, please be suspicious. Be very wary of typing personal data into any software so downloaded.

Created: 20 July 2013. Version: 1.1: 10 July 2016.