1 October 2014

'Human Rights in the UK Media: Representation and Reality'

The University of Liverpool hosted a seminar entitled, ‘Human Rights in the UK Media: Representation and Reality’. The event’s speakers circled the same topic. But it became clear as debate flared and evolved that human rights support cannot be assumed. This post discusses some themes that emerged throughout the day. I apologise in advance to the speakers I do not mention. I aim to return to the topic, at which point I will try to include those now left out. Of the speakers I do mention, I apologise if my paraphrasing misinterprets: feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

As a final introductory caveat, I have struggled with referencing because I do not have a text from which to cite. I have tried to rephrase my notes and thoughts to avoid plagiarism. And where possible I have provided link to the blogs of those speakers who uploaded their work post-seminar. Currently it is otherwise impossible to check whether I have echoed a speaker’s words exactly. Please inform me if credit is required for a particular sentence.