31 July 2016

Waterfront View

I see spires
in the distance
vertical poles
straddling bridges,
supporting lamps
and signs and
radio antennae
warehouses full;
ferry crossing;
trucks rolling.

29 July 2016

Cyan or Magenta Applications

Wake early
Brush my teeth
"Value toothpaste"
Value the fluoride
Not the taste
Value for who?
I ask as I start
My day.

27 July 2016

Wednesday Evening After School

Wednesday evening
After school. The
Hissing bus stops – hydraulics –
Or pneumatics; one of the two –
At the bottom of
The hill. He walks up the hill.

25 July 2016

Six Empty Cans Line the Wall Across the Way

Six empty cans line the wall across the way.
All are crumpled, turning rusty at their split corners.
I emptied their contents days ago.
Straight into my gullet.
Six full cans, they were, of lager.
Red sash across a white blazer, they wore.

10 July 2016

Jeffersonian Enquiry

Thomas Jefferson practised as a lawyer in the years preceding the American Revolution in the eighteenth century. He eventually helped to draft the Declaration of Independence. Michael Kranish discusses the events surrounding and leading up to one of Jefferson’s cases, in Flight From Monticello: Thomas Jefferson at War. (This monograph is my source for both of Jefferson’s cases and the historical background). In this post, I write about those events, Jefferson’s advocacy, and a method of enquiry that law students may use to develop their critical thinking.