29 July 2016

Cyan or Magenta Applications

Wake early
Brush my teeth
"Value toothpaste"
Value the fluoride
Not the taste
Value for who?
I ask as I start
My day.

Microwave frozen
Kept fresh longer
In the freezer
To buy less.
Butter and
Slice off the crusts
For daughter's preference.
Keep the crusts
For meagre soldiers
Dipped in a caged
Egg, caged with cruelty
I detest
But hungry rumbles do not
Support protest.
Layer the buttered
With thin slices of
Watery chemical "ham".
How did they
Manage to make
Water sliceable?

Walk daughter
To school.
Apple in her pocket.
She runs to friends
Before the gates are
In sight.
See she is safe
Then leave

At home
sat at printer
The speed and volume
Of CVs out this
Machine inspires.
Search the web.
Find little.
Walking past windows,
Into storefronts
Will have to do.
Don't know what I will do
When either runs out:
The cartridge of ink;
Or this thin ream of paper.
Wonder if bosses will accept
Cyan or magenta applications
on aged and
scrap paper?

Town centre.
Retail or gambling?
Another day of hoping
One has a job
For me.
Knowing that if,
That if they do,
I deprive my neighbour
Of the same,
The sole job.

Created: 22 July 2016. Version 1.0.

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