31 July 2016

Waterfront View

I see spires
in the distance
vertical poles
straddling bridges,
supporting lamps
and signs and
radio antennae
warehouses full;
ferry crossing;
trucks rolling.
striated curls
amid the
blue sky, and
passers-by walk
under primary-
coloured bunting
stretched from
Tate to Cunard.
cranes on the
far bank poise
with cargo.
dresses, jeans,
Strollers walking
in step on the
cobbles to their
own beat, neither
the bells nor the
bass nor the
seagulls squawking
in any tourists' face.
camera phones
ready. Catch the
shot of the
museum and
the temporary
Bubbly House.
goes with sun
and summer.
joggers jog
while pigeons
peck at feet
and crumbs.
The one-legged
pigeon picks
the scraps of
the scraps. The
seagull finds
an apple core.
a feast. The
juice and flakes
attract the
other air-life
while the
visitors and
locals live
their meta lives
beyond webbed feet
through lenses
and web feeds. A
different type
of food to eat.

Created: 17 July 2016. Version 1.0.

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